Dynamometers are used for testing tractors and self-propelled machinery for power and torque performance.Sigma 50 and 60 dynamometers are the market leading tool for ensuring that buyers and users of high capital cost equipment are getting precisely what they paid for. Based on a rugged, heavy duty construction capacities up to 680PS / 500kW are available.

Comprising of a custom engineered gearbox, alternator and load bank the simple but sophisticated design means there is no need to warm up the dynamometer or follow regular calibration procedures. Being air cooled the dynamometer requires no cooling water and operating temperature is reduced very quickly.

The torque-arm gearbox gives flexibility and a very wide speed range for both PTO testing and engine speed work. One input shaft covers all PTO ranges from 270rpm up to 1250rpm. Alternatively with the gearbox removed for direct testing within the speed range 450rpm to 2100 rpm.


• Sigma 50: 515PS (380kW) / 3170Nm. Fully torque test a modern tractor up to 350PS (260kW)
• Sigma 60: 680PS (500kW) / 4150Nm. Fully torque test a modern tractor up to 500PS (370kW)
• Static or trailer mounted
• DynaTest PC software
• 3 drive shaft options
• Direct drive coupling


• Long run times
• Comprehensive test modes with repeatbale auto tests
• Low noise and smooth operation
• Fast heat dissipation
• Intelligent control flexibility


Best-in-class Sigma controls the dynamometer by the robust, remote Intelligent Hand-held Terminal which can endure the harshest of environments and has an easy to use interface giving the operator confidence whilst testing. Alternatively Sigma DynaTest replaces the Intelligent Hand-held Terminal and converts a PC into the dynamometer controller and provides enhanced test modes, graphical display, test reporting and database capabilities.


Mobile Sigma 50 dynamometer GA drawing
Static Sigma 50 dynamometer GA drawing

For more information or for full technical data of the SIGMA 50 or 60 Dynamometer download our technical data sheet or all new brochure.

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